Monday, April 10, 2017

Holy crap this dude is still alive?!

Hello there fellow wargamers and hobbyists and welcome to a long over-due post up here at Wargamer Ramblings!  Good Lord it's been so long, last year even!  So what's has been going on down here in our local community?  Why haven't I posted since December of 2016? What have you been doing?!

Well let me be real with you all.  My motivation to blog waned a lot mid-December and onwards because of my current work schedule.  I had a lot of time to catch up on a lot of modeling and painting sure, but I just didn't feel the spark if you will.  For those who don't know I work in emergency mental health and it's been a pretty heavy set of months since I started back on shift work.  It's been a hard ride and so to keep myself going I've had to scale back on getting stuff done like blogging and painting sadly.

Now that's not to say that it has stopped me from enjoying the hobby completely.  On the contrary there has been some serious motivation going to get a couple new armies started and I've been doing my fair share of reading up on new releases.  The local community has been doing some Blood Bowl as of late and historically it's not a game I'm interested in but some of the game reports have gotten piqued.  I've been keeping up with Dark Age releases and I've been watching the growing rise of Games Workshop coming back into the light of the community.  It's been an interesting turn of events these past months.

I managed to get some hardcore painting in shortly before "going dark".  As I said my scheduled changed pretty hard and so during some of the weeks where I had motivation I was able to get almost all of the Alchemists and Morticians painted.  Except for vKatalyst and vGraves they are all painted up, including my starter Butchers and Fishermen.  It was pretty cathartic to paint and I slipped off from getting it done regularly.  That's probably why I've been feeling more stressed lately to be honest, but that's another story for another time.

Also I have a confession to make (it feels like a confession because of how I've felt about the company for a long time) but I have spent money on GW products! *le gasp~* That's right, my heart has been softening and I've been eyeing up some of what GW has been making.  I've started sipping on the Kool Aid if you will.  I've been impressed with what I've seen and while I can't say that I fully trust them like I did as a wee lad, I've been able to be ok with what I've purchased.  Traitor's Legion is pretty legit, though the CSM base codex still needs a new edition, and the new White Dwarfs that have been coming out are actually worth reading.  Additionally I've been eyeing up on starting a 30k Legion force and aligning myself to the Thousand Sons.  Finally...I bought an Age of Sigmar army.  That has been a pretty big change of heart considering how I've had some strong negative feelings on this game.  I went with the Ironjawz to be exact, and my plan is for them to be undead Ironjawz raised in the aftermath of some fight in the vampire realms.  So I've managed to do some conversion work on them, but I've not been able to apply any paint just yet.

So there we have it.  Still alive, still kicking, just not typing as much as I used to.  Hopefully that will change but if you don't hear from me in awhile it's that dang work schedule again!  Until then game well, and may your dice roll well my friends.


  1. Now we just need to actually *play* with some of this stuff!

    1. No kidding, I'm looking forward to whenever this Dark Age thing is happening. In the interim we should get something else going though amirite?