Thursday, July 6, 2017

Shaking off the 40k rust with 8th edition

Good morning wargamers and welcome to another post up here at WR!  I hope you all are doing well as usual and the dice have been in your favor.  Today I wanted to talk to you all about my first game of 8th edition!  Now that GW has released the rulebook, the indices, and the starter set it has been a great time to get back into the game.  Joining me in my first foray into the game is my buddy Wells who is still a wee lad in wargaming and this is his first game of 40k ever!  So let's roll some dice!
Getting our deployment on
So to make things easy we decided not to worry about making lists or anything like that and we just went with the Dark Imperium boxed set.  Wells being the houseguest got to pick which force he wanted to try and he chose the Death Guard, leaving me with the Primaris Space Marines.  We ended up rolling for one of the Eternal War missions and ended up with Front Line Assault deployment and the mission was the Scourge.  I didn't have any easily available method to mark the objectives so we settled on each objective being worth 2 points instead of the 1-4.  We deployed and I had Wells go first as I wanted him to move up the field a bit before I started gunning his troops down.
Turn 1
We deployed up and the first turn was not as exciting as I hoped.  Wells moved the Pox Walkers into the building with the Lord of Contagion and Noxious Blightbringer.  The rest of his force stayed behind cover preventing me from shooting him as I had no LoS.  As a result I ended up moving my marines around to get a better shot off and into position to gun down those zombies!  As a side note I derped with my Inceptors and instead of flanking them like a good general would I was like "lol they so good, stand out in the open!"  So his sorceror just smited the crap out of them.  Fun times.
Turn 2?
The Pox Walkers were getting gunned down with the two Intercessor squads laying the bolt rifle shots into the massive horde.  Here's where I started to notice something.  Well had this ridiculously uncanny ability to roll 'Disgustingly Resilient' saves.  I would cause 8 wounds, he'd save 5.  I would get a couple hits in on his character, he'd roll 6's.  It was unreal but kudos to him.  Eventually his zombies were able to get a charge in and tie up a Intercessor squad for combat.  My Hellblasters moved out of cover with the Captain to secure the objective out in the open with a Lieutenant securing my far right side.
"Bro it was a prank, we killed the zombies for YouTube! See the camera?!"
Now things were starting to get a bit rough for me.  Keep in mind this whole game Wells had stupid luck with DR.  The zombies?  Dead.  His Lord of Contagion though? Untouched and ready to mingle.  His Foetid Bloat-Drone? Took 10 wounds, and his DR saved 6 of them.  Inceptors? Smited.  Plague Marines? Coming ever so closer.  My face?  Priceless. The Lord of Contagion massacred the Intercessor squad and had hungry eyes for the Lieutenant, who did not last long either.  Things were not going so well for the Primaris marines at this point.
That damn drone!
While Wells' kept chewing through my troops on the left, the right side was not doing much better.  My Hellblasters, Captain, and Lieutenant who long abandoned his objective to help the men were stuck, and I repeat STUCK in combat, trying to take down the stupid drone.  Oh and Wells' plague marines came up to join the fun too.  Meanwhile my Ancient tried for a last ditch effort to pull a victory.  If the game ended here at turn 5 I would have secured enough objectives to win the game.  However.  Turn 6 came and with it death followed.
My last hope for a W
Wells was able to secure enough objectives to win victory and the Primaris marines were forced to concede the field licking their wounded pride in the face of the might of the Death Guard.  Victory to Wells!
I'm pretty sure this is what Wells had in his mind
We chatted afterwards about the game and Wells seemed to enjoy it.  It was pretty easy to teach from a veteran standpoint and Wells picked up the flow with the only big difficulty being the weapon profiles, but otherwise the main meat of the game wasn't hard to grasp.  A couple of quirks I had to personally kink out because of my long standing history with 40k.  Rule-wise I felt that it still was a 40k game, but smoother.  Combat was easier to process and not only is it effective (I mean the Lord of Contagion wrecked so much) but it's not a huge debacle anymore.  A couple of things I felt were a bit odd and we house ruled it but I felt that cover was a little restricting in that you only gained it if the whole unit was in the area (we played without advanced terrain rules).  So we house ruled it that since his Pox Walkers were all obscured by the cover, not necessarily IN the area, he was able to claim it.  Yes not RAW but it worked for us and we felt that it was only fair that a model obscured by cover could claim it as well.  Otherwise the game felt like 40k, played like 40k, was fun like 40k, made us laugh and groan like 40k, and was 40k just without all the bloat that time brought to it.  I am definitely excited to get more games in and I think Wells has now been thinking about his own army.
So I was definitely pleased with the changes and it's back on my menu for gaming as gaming goes.  If you've had a chance to play 40k feel free to let me know what you've thought of the edition so far.  I've not played as many games as others I'm sure, but I've enjoyed what I've played.  Well that's it for now, I hope you all have a wonderful time with the wargaming and we shall talk again later!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Like a virgin, Gates for the very time~~~~~

Hello wargamers it's time for another article here on WR!  I'm not sure what has gotten into me lately posting articles in a short time span from each other but that doesn't matter!  What matters is that here we are together sharing our collective experiences together.  Isn't that such a lovely sentiment? Anyways let's get down to business.

I had the recent pleasure of getting in my very first game of Gates of Antares with Mike our resident Gates advocate and pusher here in our area.  Since it was my first game Mike and I decided to bring about 1000 points to the field.  I brought my Algoryn force and Mike brought along his infamous Rebel Ghar.  So not knowing what is an optimal list I opted for the following based on the rule of "aww yeah:"

  • AI Command Squad - Leader 3 upgrade, Plasma Carbines
  • AI Assault Squad x7
  • 2 AI Squads with 2 Micro-X Launchers
  • AI Heavy Support Team with Mag Mortar with all of the ammo
  • Targeter Probe Shard x6
  • AI Avenger Light Skimmer with Mag Light support, Batter Drone, HL Booster
  • AI Specialist Support Team with Light Plasma
  • 3 AI Support Teams, x2 Mag Lights, x1 X-Launcher
So after rolling off we ended up playing a Matched Mission of Hold the Line where I was the defender and Mike was the attacker.  So we set up the board and kicked off with the very first Gates game for me!
Getting the game ready
So first turn went by rather cautiously for the both of us.  Half of my force started on the field, electing to put my Plasma Support, Command Squad, a Mag Light Support, the AI Assault, and the Mag Mortar out there.  My AI Assault held the barrier on my right flank with the Mag Mortar sitting in the back with a good field of view.  My center had the Command Squad and Mag Light Support hiding behind a dense forest, meanwhile my left flank had the Plasma Support.  Early on the Plasma went on Ambush forcing Mike to advance his Rebel Ghar behind the woods to stay out of harm's way.  I did spot some of his space goblins coming up with the Mag Mortar but I rolled a 10, so I fired a soft pillow at their heads.  I'm so considerate.

Second turn things starting heating up as we started to trade off shots here and there.  My Mag Mortar ended up taking out an entire unit of Attack Scutters, which was pretty awesome!  It's like you could hear the round whistling through the air right before landing on top of their buggy eyed faces, good stuff!  My left flank wasn't doing too bad at this point, not great but not bad either.  My center moved up into the woods to get a better position while my right flank was pretty intimidating, especially since my Avenger came on to the field to counter his Command Crawler.  
"See those Scutters right there? Watch this..." - Mag Mortar team comms to AI Assault Squad
Turn 3 things started to get a bit intense.  Mike and I traded fire back and forth.  Space Goblins and Artichoke Heads dying left and right.  Pin markers everywhere!  Oh the various species of descended humanity!  My left flank started to fail on my, the Ghar taking out a AI Squad in vicious melee.  Meanwhile my right flank was getting work done.  Those AI Assault squad troopers just kept putting out the shots on the Command Crawler.  Was it going to hurt him? Nah, but I was going to keep it down!  Mike shot at my Avenger and at first we thought it blew up in one hit as I rolled a 10 for the save and a further 10 for the damage roll (but the drone survived a disruptor shot with a 1 :| ) but a quick re-read and it was just given some pin markers instead.
Sad Avenger Panda

Turn 4-5 my left flank made me sad.  Let us imagine this: you are the Algoryn.  Your race has fought the Ghar countless times.  You know them, they know you.  Should that slow you down? YOU WOULD THINK NOT! Apparently 1 pin marker was enough to keep half my army down, down, down!  Granted it also made it difficult for Mike to advance, but at this point he had already secured the left objective.  The center was being fought after but with the troopers in the woods and my right flank supporting the center it was not looking good.  The Mag Mortar did some work and blew up a Tectorist, take that metal detector!  The Command Crawler was starting to move again though as Mike kept passing command tests...
The slowly dying left flank
Final turn Mike ended up pulling the victory as the Command Crawler assaulted the terribly pinned down AI Assault squad.  They just kept taking hits after hits and finally they couldn't do it and abandoned the objective.  Still I managed to hold off for as long as I could and I think over the course of the game we had some good moments of "oh geez now what do I do?"  Also for my first game I didn't think I did too shabby myself.
The right and center, stand strong my troops!
So now that I have my first game in what can I say about Gates of Antares.  Keep in mind this is my first impression for you salty spittoons out there that get defensive easily!  I enjoyed the game and I had fun playing.  I think the differences between the factions stem from minor differences that have a great impact in practice.  The d10 system was pretty easy to adapt to and the concept of how to take tests/apply modifiers was quickly grasped.  There is a lot of intricacies in this game and I think that once you start getting past basic mechanics there is a lot to be had.  In some ways that can be a turn-off because of how easily complicated this game can get if you are not careful.  It's not Infinity level of complexity however so it has that going for it, but I think that if you are not prepared you can get overwhelmed easily.  Like the abundance of different ammo types and probes and drones and rules, while awesome when picked apart (Scoot ammo not only sounds cute and fun but also pretty useful to get people out) can be like whoa...dat's a lot.  Still I had fun and I like the game enough to keep playing and invest more time and money into it.  Is it a perfect game? Not at all (I mean have you seen the book design?).  Is it worth your time?  I think it has some strong potential.  It's the stuff I love about Bolt Action with all the stuff I like about Sci-fi and what I want in a war game.  

So there we have it!  My first foray into Gates of Antares and my proverbial virginity lost.  Now I just need those Hazard Suits to call me later and tell me how pretty I look in the dark.  I hope you all are enjoying your gaming and until next time folks play well and play fair!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Ah yes what a delightful surprise of a post

Good morning wargaming fans and welcome to another set of ramblings!  I hope you all have been faring well since we last spoke and so I've got some time on my hands to bring you all up to date with recent projects and happenings.  It's been a pretty busy time for a lot of folks with a certain game dropping a new edition and bringing the hype along with it.  So let's chat some!

So it's no big secret of surprise that Games Workshop has dropped 8th edition and it has been making some positive waves in the community (mostly positive)!  I for one am really excited about it, like really really excited.  It's the first time in a loooong time that I am actually excited to play a game of 40k, and that's been some time.  In fact I went out and started collecting more stuff for my Death Guard to get myself ready.  The wife and I were doing some project stuff, she painting her Retribution for Warmachine and I sat assembling 2 Helbrutes.  I'm excited that Helbrutes might actually be useful again, the marines can be manly marines, and I CAN SUMMON DAEMONS!  Aww yeah baby summoning daemons is back and I've got 20 new Plaguebearers to put together for the glory of Nurgle!

It's not just my own army that I am excited for, but others as well.  My friend Sam runs Tyranids and now it seems like they are the scary, nasty, massed horde army that they should have been.  My friend Josh over here just started Astra Militarum and I think his forces with the new changes will benefit greatly (I've heard tanks are nastiness right now).  My platonic life partner Mike has been flirting with the Necrons again (I mean have you read Reanimation Protocols? Nasty!), and Clayton right here has been painting up his Lamenters.  It's a good time overall for 40k players, and I'm excited to get into it in the near future!

Meanwhile on the Warmahordes front things have been taking a hard backseat.  I'm not sure what is going on over at Privateer Press or the community but I've just lost a lot of the appeal the game had.  Maybe I'm getting older and I want to just relax, or maybe it's Mk 3 just not living up to the hype, or the hardcore tournament mindset and WAAC mentality of the community, but I just haven't felt the spirit of Warmahordes.  I've actually been trying to sell off my Menoth army and have been selling it off piece by piece.  I'm mostly getting rid of them because a) I prefer the playstyles of my other 2 factions, b) I feel like the old soul of Menoth has been removed with Mk 3, and c) it's a pretty friggin huge collection taking up a lot of space.  I'm not quitting the game per se, but it's a low priority for me right now.

Gates of Antares hasn't changed much for me, but that new book is coming out with the pretty sweet looking Algoryn Hazard Suit teams.  Mmmmm dat team.  Mmm dat suit.

Guild Ball is still a good game I enjoy playing, but with my schedule I've not had much chance to get some games in.  I think Steamforged has been working on releasing full teams in boxes instead of the 3 basic players.  I think it's a great move and the associated cost from what I can tell are fairly reasonable too.  The Farmer's Guild is up for pre-order release on Aug 18 and I must admit I don't know much about them.  I think they synergize with putting down pumpkins and eating them, at least that's how I see it.  Also the Blacksmith Guild has been teased out as being the next one in line.  I know absolutely nothing about them other than they have a dude with a huge shield and they do a Master/Apprentice style of team work.

As far as other games go they are lurking in the shadows waiting for some kind of spark to light up the ideas and drive, but for now they slumber.  I hope you all have been enjoying whatever games have been tickling your fancy and having much success with painting/assembling!  In the meantime I've got some Death Guard to prepare for battle, take care gamers!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Holy crap this dude is still alive?!

Hello there fellow wargamers and hobbyists and welcome to a long over-due post up here at Wargamer Ramblings!  Good Lord it's been so long, last year even!  So what's has been going on down here in our local community?  Why haven't I posted since December of 2016? What have you been doing?!

Well let me be real with you all.  My motivation to blog waned a lot mid-December and onwards because of my current work schedule.  I had a lot of time to catch up on a lot of modeling and painting sure, but I just didn't feel the spark if you will.  For those who don't know I work in emergency mental health and it's been a pretty heavy set of months since I started back on shift work.  It's been a hard ride and so to keep myself going I've had to scale back on getting stuff done like blogging and painting sadly.

Now that's not to say that it has stopped me from enjoying the hobby completely.  On the contrary there has been some serious motivation going to get a couple new armies started and I've been doing my fair share of reading up on new releases.  The local community has been doing some Blood Bowl as of late and historically it's not a game I'm interested in but some of the game reports have gotten piqued.  I've been keeping up with Dark Age releases and I've been watching the growing rise of Games Workshop coming back into the light of the community.  It's been an interesting turn of events these past months.

I managed to get some hardcore painting in shortly before "going dark".  As I said my scheduled changed pretty hard and so during some of the weeks where I had motivation I was able to get almost all of the Alchemists and Morticians painted.  Except for vKatalyst and vGraves they are all painted up, including my starter Butchers and Fishermen.  It was pretty cathartic to paint and I slipped off from getting it done regularly.  That's probably why I've been feeling more stressed lately to be honest, but that's another story for another time.

Also I have a confession to make (it feels like a confession because of how I've felt about the company for a long time) but I have spent money on GW products! *le gasp~* That's right, my heart has been softening and I've been eyeing up some of what GW has been making.  I've started sipping on the Kool Aid if you will.  I've been impressed with what I've seen and while I can't say that I fully trust them like I did as a wee lad, I've been able to be ok with what I've purchased.  Traitor's Legion is pretty legit, though the CSM base codex still needs a new edition, and the new White Dwarfs that have been coming out are actually worth reading.  Additionally I've been eyeing up on starting a 30k Legion force and aligning myself to the Thousand Sons.  Finally...I bought an Age of Sigmar army.  That has been a pretty big change of heart considering how I've had some strong negative feelings on this game.  I went with the Ironjawz to be exact, and my plan is for them to be undead Ironjawz raised in the aftermath of some fight in the vampire realms.  So I've managed to do some conversion work on them, but I've not been able to apply any paint just yet.

So there we have it.  Still alive, still kicking, just not typing as much as I used to.  Hopefully that will change but if you don't hear from me in awhile it's that dang work schedule again!  Until then game well, and may your dice roll well my friends.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Ah yes a general update post for the weeks mmmyes.

Hey there fellow wargamers and welcome to another set of ramblings here at Wargamer Ramblings and I hope you are having a great time this day/eve/morn!  Things have been plodding along with war games in general in my household with no major updates so I'm just going to bumble a bit about what's been going on in general.  Let's get rolling!

So as you all know I've been painting up some Algoryn for Gates of Antares and I've got to say I'm pretty pleased with the overall results.  When I came up with this color scheme I was thinking to myself "like blue grey, like what Space Wolves should be but not so...pastel like?" One thing I've been getting annoyed with are my brushes which seem to make highlighting a bit more of a pain.  It goes to show just how important your tools can be.  So that's something I've been looking into upgrading but in the meantime I am using what I've got to the best of my abilities.
Right before it puts the wash on its skin it gets the highlights again
The only thing I've not been too thrilled with have been the Algoryn heads, the artichoke if you will.  The second squad has fared much better with the added drybrush layering than I did before but still I very much prefer the helmets to the heads.  I've also been rather fond of the snow effects and they've been incredibly easy to pull off.  After painting up the bases I just slather on some water effects from Woodland Scenics and spoon on some snow.  Let it dry and bam! Snowy bases!  For my sake I put some of the water effects into dropper bottles I grabbed from Hobby Lobby since the original bottle was meant for larger projects and as a result it's done wonders for my basing.
Le finished product~
Aside from Gates of Antares I've been excited for the release of season 3 for Guild Ball! Yaaaay Guild Ball!  They didn't change a lot to the game to disrupt the flow and feel but added some quality of life changes to keep things balanced.  I for one have been poring over the new stat cards and for some teams there haven't been a lot of changes but some models have had some work done.  I'm looking forward to testing out the new Katalyst and Midas models for the Alchemists and Bonesaw for the Mortician's got a lot more attractive in my eyes with his 'Football Dervish' rule.  I might do a post here in the near future about some of the changes but for the most part I'm hoping to get more games in general.
New Guild? Do you even farm bro?
Speaking of getting in more games I've got a couple of scheduled games here in the near future with a couple of gents from the Wise area for some Mk 3 Warmahordes.  I think I'm more excited about getting the games in than I do the game itself, but it'll be good to dust off some of the models and throw down.  I've been out of touch with Warmarhodes in general since my last game with Kevin.  I don't know there's just something about the game that hasn't thrilled me like Guild Ball has, but I'm confident I'll have fun either way.  Just have to figure out which force I want to bring with me on Thursday...Cryx maybe?
How I generally feel about WM/H
Finally there's been some chat in the group about getting into Age of Sigmar more with the upcoming releases of the new starter boxes for the factions.  I've got to admit I've been more and more drawn to it, primarily because of these guys here and here, and the new Ironjawz big starter is not a bad price for GW.  Have I committed to Age of Sigmar yet?  Not yet, but I think once some more projects of mine get smaller and completed there's a real chance I will be getting into it.  I do love the old Black Orc models and so a full force of Ironjawz (which c'mon, they're the same) has some great appeal.  Plus I've already came up with a couple color schemes in mind so painting them won't be too bad.
What the hell kind of name is Orruk?
That's about it for what's been going on, it's feels like a whole lot of nothing substantial but things have been progressing here and there.  Also holy crap I just realized we are close to this blog's 1 year anniversary too!  Geez I better come up with something to thank you all huh?  Well I'll think about it, and until then you all have some happy holiday time and wargaming in general!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dusting off the airbrush and painting skills for some Algoryn

Good tidings to you my fellow gamers and fans of the Gates!  It's been awhile since I've posted up some stuff but life has been changing up for me and so I've not done anything worth mentioning.  Until now.  I've dusted off the paints and brushes.  So after assembling and priming up the Algoryn force (save for 1 Avenger which is incoming) I'm ready to get them started!

So for this color scheme I wanted my Algoryn to be a reflection of the planet/moon they are currently stationed at. In our local gaming group we've got a system we're fighting in and my troops have landed on Mote 218 "a cold world with a rocky, permafrost riddled surface, and liquid oceans buried deep below the surface" per the group description. My group I've decided are part of a secretive, kind of black-ops, sort of government program that are sent off to do things like guard research stations or commit genocide to indigenous life-forms if need be. Still they are Algoryn so the color scheme needed to be somewhat blending in with the world they are fighting on. So let's look at where things went.

So I am going to start off by airbrushing the Algoryn which should save me a load of time off of basecoating.  I am starting off with Badger Minitaire's Raven Black, followed with Royal Blood, and then thinning down some of GW's Fenrisian Grey.  I like this progression because it the undercoats will influence the Fenrisian Grey towards a cooler shade without being overt.  Pictured above is also the edge highlighting color, Ulthuan Grey.

Here's my airbrushing setup, I am going to try out the paint station I have since it has a intake fan and hopefully it'll help catch some paint so it doesn't go on the apartment walls.  For the airbrush I am using a Grex, forgot the model but it is a gravity well type.

Here is the first coat with Raven Black.  As you can see it is not a pure black per se but it has a slight grey tinge to it.  I like it as it isn't a pure black which always looks odd, but also where the main color is a grey shade it will flow together.

Next up we have the next layer of Royal Blood, which is a dark blue surprisingly.  This undercoat should serve to bring out the Fenrisian Grey's blue tint without it turning into the half-half blue/grey that they use for the Space Wolves.

 It's a bright picture but this is the Fenrisian Grey in action.  As you can see it is a lighter grey with a hint of blue and I think the Royal Blood undercoat helped solidify that hint.  Unfortunately as it was a GW paint thinned down with some Liquitex Airbrush Medium I needed to apply some additional coats.

 So I skipped a few steps but I will catch you up.  So here we can see I did some edge highlighting of the armor with Ulthuan Grey.  Now this grey is a pretty stark contrast to the Fenrisian Grey as it does not share a blue tint but is pretty close to being a white without being pure white.  So after the edge highlighting I took some GW's blue wash, whatever the name is, and applied it pretty liberally to the armor.  This not only helped deepen the recesses but also brought the colors together to come up with what you see above.

For the metal bits I started off with a dark brown because I knew I was going to contrast the armor with a warmer color.  With metallics I wanted to incorporate copper for the leg wiring and I wanted to also use that in conjunction with the silver on the weapons.  Unfortunately I skipped some more steps so here's the finished product:

As you can see I definitely skipped some steps but the overall result I am pleased with. I went ahead post-picture and re-drybrushed some color on the artichoke heads (that's why they are so green!) and edge highlighted the weapons with some bright silver. The bases I mixed some modelling snow and water effects together and sort of lumped them on. Overall a pleasant success for a day of painting!

There we have it! Next time I hope to snag some more pictures of the steps I skipped, but if you want to know specifics feel free to leave a comment below! Until then happy gaming fellow wargamers and Gates fans!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Putting together some Algoryn for my Gates

Greetings and salutations fellow wargamers!  I hope you’ve been enjoying your time doing whatever it is you have been up to lately.  Which is precisely why I am going to talk a bit about a recent project of mine that I’ve been doing.  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any WIP or battle reports and it seems to be a lot of reviewing, but fear not!  Today I am going to go into some of my recent Gates of Antares work with my Algoryn!  Here we go!
The bulk of the glorious Algoryn force
In our local gaming group we’ve had a couple of gents, Mike and Clayton, who have been bringing word of this game to the masses.  At first I was hesitant because I didn’t see a lot of difference in the models or the appeal in the gameplay.  Well long story short their games and stories coupled with some maneuvering led me to become intrigued and eventually a full buy in.  I settled on the Algoryn faction because I found their pragmatically Spartan feel and the overall militarized theme appealed to me so I decided that would be the group for me!

Here they are assembled but still needing a bath
So I started with the 500 pt Patrol force which gave me a pretty good backbone to go with but I knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied with just that.  At the time I decided to buy in Warlord had released several other models for the range including the 2 models that did it for me: the Drop Capsule and the Mag Mortar.  It’s like they knew that in another sci-fi war game I loved the idea of troops dropping in pod like vehicles and also bombarding them with artillery!  Well at the time of this write-up I couldn’t grab some Drop Capsules like I wanted and instead I focused on getting the troops necessary.  From Warlord I ended up getting a few things including several drone/probe types for whatever my forces might need.
So clean, so shiny!
One thing that I found the Algoryn have are a lot of good support choices in the army, so with in mind I went ahead and grabbed as many weapon teams as possible.  Additionally I felt that 2 AI squads, while a good start, would not be enough to hold the line.  So I grabbed one more and rounded it off with an extra trooper so that I had maxed out units.  I liked the idea of the AI Assault Squad and Infiltrators so I went ahead and grabbed a unit each as well.  Now for my weapon teams I ended up with at least 2 of: X-Launchers, Mag Light Supports, Plasma Cannons, and Compression Cannons.  I would have liked a Plasma Light Support but the model is not out yet so alas I have none.  Additionally I grabbed a Medic Team because hey those two can keep us alive a bit more on the field.
Getting those winter/ice bases ready
Now in terms of everything else I can only take 1 tactical choice so I didn’t go overboard with my Mag Mortars so I grabbed one and a Compression Bombard for variety.  I did end up getting a group of skimmers but being on squads of 3 and no more or less, and only 1 squad unless you take a skimmer command as well, I went with only the one.  Additionally I am waiting on Warlord’s package to come in before I can also bring to bear an Avenger Wing as well.  I would like to see how these vehicles come into play in terms of battlefield efficacy and I think given some field testing I might be interested in investing in more of the skimmers.
Here they are ready to be primed up
So that sums up what I’ve invested into and assembled for now, once I get my package in I should have those elements added in as well.  I’m hoping in the near future I can get a bit more into the color scheme and maybe toss out a bit of the lore I’ve developed.  So this is what is keeping me busy, so I hope your own projects are going well also.  Until then fellow gamers happy gaming and good luck!