Monday, December 5, 2016

Ah yes a general update post for the weeks mmmyes.

Hey there fellow wargamers and welcome to another set of ramblings here at Wargamer Ramblings and I hope you are having a great time this day/eve/morn!  Things have been plodding along with war games in general in my household with no major updates so I'm just going to bumble a bit about what's been going on in general.  Let's get rolling!

So as you all know I've been painting up some Algoryn for Gates of Antares and I've got to say I'm pretty pleased with the overall results.  When I came up with this color scheme I was thinking to myself "like blue grey, like what Space Wolves should be but not so...pastel like?" One thing I've been getting annoyed with are my brushes which seem to make highlighting a bit more of a pain.  It goes to show just how important your tools can be.  So that's something I've been looking into upgrading but in the meantime I am using what I've got to the best of my abilities.
Right before it puts the wash on its skin it gets the highlights again
The only thing I've not been too thrilled with have been the Algoryn heads, the artichoke if you will.  The second squad has fared much better with the added drybrush layering than I did before but still I very much prefer the helmets to the heads.  I've also been rather fond of the snow effects and they've been incredibly easy to pull off.  After painting up the bases I just slather on some water effects from Woodland Scenics and spoon on some snow.  Let it dry and bam! Snowy bases!  For my sake I put some of the water effects into dropper bottles I grabbed from Hobby Lobby since the original bottle was meant for larger projects and as a result it's done wonders for my basing.
Le finished product~
Aside from Gates of Antares I've been excited for the release of season 3 for Guild Ball! Yaaaay Guild Ball!  They didn't change a lot to the game to disrupt the flow and feel but added some quality of life changes to keep things balanced.  I for one have been poring over the new stat cards and for some teams there haven't been a lot of changes but some models have had some work done.  I'm looking forward to testing out the new Katalyst and Midas models for the Alchemists and Bonesaw for the Mortician's got a lot more attractive in my eyes with his 'Football Dervish' rule.  I might do a post here in the near future about some of the changes but for the most part I'm hoping to get more games in general.
New Guild? Do you even farm bro?
Speaking of getting in more games I've got a couple of scheduled games here in the near future with a couple of gents from the Wise area for some Mk 3 Warmahordes.  I think I'm more excited about getting the games in than I do the game itself, but it'll be good to dust off some of the models and throw down.  I've been out of touch with Warmarhodes in general since my last game with Kevin.  I don't know there's just something about the game that hasn't thrilled me like Guild Ball has, but I'm confident I'll have fun either way.  Just have to figure out which force I want to bring with me on Thursday...Cryx maybe?
How I generally feel about WM/H
Finally there's been some chat in the group about getting into Age of Sigmar more with the upcoming releases of the new starter boxes for the factions.  I've got to admit I've been more and more drawn to it, primarily because of these guys here and here, and the new Ironjawz big starter is not a bad price for GW.  Have I committed to Age of Sigmar yet?  Not yet, but I think once some more projects of mine get smaller and completed there's a real chance I will be getting into it.  I do love the old Black Orc models and so a full force of Ironjawz (which c'mon, they're the same) has some great appeal.  Plus I've already came up with a couple color schemes in mind so painting them won't be too bad.
What the hell kind of name is Orruk?
That's about it for what's been going on, it's feels like a whole lot of nothing substantial but things have been progressing here and there.  Also holy crap I just realized we are close to this blog's 1 year anniversary too!  Geez I better come up with something to thank you all huh?  Well I'll think about it, and until then you all have some happy holiday time and wargaming in general!

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