Monday, June 19, 2017

Ah yes what a delightful surprise of a post

Good morning wargaming fans and welcome to another set of ramblings!  I hope you all have been faring well since we last spoke and so I've got some time on my hands to bring you all up to date with recent projects and happenings.  It's been a pretty busy time for a lot of folks with a certain game dropping a new edition and bringing the hype along with it.  So let's chat some!

So it's no big secret of surprise that Games Workshop has dropped 8th edition and it has been making some positive waves in the community (mostly positive)!  I for one am really excited about it, like really really excited.  It's the first time in a loooong time that I am actually excited to play a game of 40k, and that's been some time.  In fact I went out and started collecting more stuff for my Death Guard to get myself ready.  The wife and I were doing some project stuff, she painting her Retribution for Warmachine and I sat assembling 2 Helbrutes.  I'm excited that Helbrutes might actually be useful again, the marines can be manly marines, and I CAN SUMMON DAEMONS!  Aww yeah baby summoning daemons is back and I've got 20 new Plaguebearers to put together for the glory of Nurgle!

It's not just my own army that I am excited for, but others as well.  My friend Sam runs Tyranids and now it seems like they are the scary, nasty, massed horde army that they should have been.  My friend Josh over here just started Astra Militarum and I think his forces with the new changes will benefit greatly (I've heard tanks are nastiness right now).  My platonic life partner Mike has been flirting with the Necrons again (I mean have you read Reanimation Protocols? Nasty!), and Clayton right here has been painting up his Lamenters.  It's a good time overall for 40k players, and I'm excited to get into it in the near future!

Meanwhile on the Warmahordes front things have been taking a hard backseat.  I'm not sure what is going on over at Privateer Press or the community but I've just lost a lot of the appeal the game had.  Maybe I'm getting older and I want to just relax, or maybe it's Mk 3 just not living up to the hype, or the hardcore tournament mindset and WAAC mentality of the community, but I just haven't felt the spirit of Warmahordes.  I've actually been trying to sell off my Menoth army and have been selling it off piece by piece.  I'm mostly getting rid of them because a) I prefer the playstyles of my other 2 factions, b) I feel like the old soul of Menoth has been removed with Mk 3, and c) it's a pretty friggin huge collection taking up a lot of space.  I'm not quitting the game per se, but it's a low priority for me right now.

Gates of Antares hasn't changed much for me, but that new book is coming out with the pretty sweet looking Algoryn Hazard Suit teams.  Mmmmm dat team.  Mmm dat suit.

Guild Ball is still a good game I enjoy playing, but with my schedule I've not had much chance to get some games in.  I think Steamforged has been working on releasing full teams in boxes instead of the 3 basic players.  I think it's a great move and the associated cost from what I can tell are fairly reasonable too.  The Farmer's Guild is up for pre-order release on Aug 18 and I must admit I don't know much about them.  I think they synergize with putting down pumpkins and eating them, at least that's how I see it.  Also the Blacksmith Guild has been teased out as being the next one in line.  I know absolutely nothing about them other than they have a dude with a huge shield and they do a Master/Apprentice style of team work.

As far as other games go they are lurking in the shadows waiting for some kind of spark to light up the ideas and drive, but for now they slumber.  I hope you all have been enjoying whatever games have been tickling your fancy and having much success with painting/assembling!  In the meantime I've got some Death Guard to prepare for battle, take care gamers!


  1. Staffy shall find you and break your spirit... even if he has to miraculously show up alongside some Lamenters!

    1. Not if Puffy McBlowfish takes him out first >:)